Metal Disc Coupling


Product details

Same as standard diaphragm couplings, the main diaphragm components are two types: connecting rod type and whole shape with different shapes. This coupling relies on the elastic deformation of the diaphragm to compensate for the relative displacement of the two coupled shafts. It is a high-performance flexible coupling with solid metal elements. It does not need oil and has a compact structure, high strength, and long service life. , No rotation gap, not affected by temperature and oil pollution. It has acid resistance, alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance characteristics. It is suitable for high-speed, high-speed, and corrosive media working conditions.

Main features

1. Strong ability to compensate for misalignment of two axes. Compared with a toothed coupling, the angular displacement can be doubled. When the radial displacement is small, the reaction force is small, and the flexibility is significant. Some axial, radial and angular displacements are allowed…

2. It has a noticeable shock absorption effect, no noise, and no wear.

3. High transmission efficiency, up to 99.86%. Especially suitable for medium and high-speed high-power transmission.

4. Adapt to work in high temperatures (-80 + 300) and harsh environments and can operate under shock and vibration conditions.

5, simple structure, lightweight, small size, easy assembly, and disassembly. Without lubrication, it can be assembled and disassembled without moving the machine (the type with an intermediate shaft).

6, can accurately transmit speed, no slippage in operation, can be used to send precision machinery. JMI type diaphragm couplings are widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, shipping, lifting and transportation, textile, light industry, agricultural machinery, printing machinery, and water pumps, fans, machine tools, and other sectors to transmit power.


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