High Performance Brushless AC Servo Motor



High-performance brushless AC servo motor. Standard configuration includes high-resolution, incremental encoder feedback. This motor is UL Recognized in the US and Canada. Please note that a VL series gearhead purchased for this motor will require a special mounting adaptor and two weeks lead time. Please get in touch with customer service for the price of this adaptor.

High torque density
Low rotor inertia
Compact size
High-resolution, incremental encoders (2500 lines, 10000 counts)
IP65 rated for harsh environments

Company HZPT
Part Number j0750_302_5_000_80mm_servo_m
Armature Inductance 8.2 Line-to-Line mH
Armature Resistance 1.47 Line-to-Line ohms
Concentricity 015 inches
Continuous Torque 21.24 in-lb
Frame Size 80 mm
Insulation Class Class B (130 C)
Integral Holding Brake No
Maximum Radial Load 60 lbs
Maximum Thrust Load 20 lbs
Motor Length 5.19 inch
Operating Temperature 0 to 40 C
Part Number J0750-302-5-000
Peak Current 13.5 A RMS
Peak Speed 5500 rpm
Peak Torque 61.07 in-lb
Perpendicularity 015 inches
Rated Current 4.5 A RMS
Rated Power 750 watts
Rated Speed 3000 rpm
Rated Voltage 220 VAC
Rotor Inertia 0.01260 oz-in-sec2
Shaft Diameter 19 mm (0.748 inches)
Storage Temperature -20 to 80 C
Torque Constant 4.8 in-lb/A
Voltage Constant 36.6 V/krpm