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Texas, United States
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Turbo Power
Model Number:
Koppers / Sier Bath Style
Flexible or Rigid:
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Gear, Disc Pack, or Diaphragm Styles.

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Other load & accessory couplings for GE Frame 3, Frame 6, Frame 7, & Frame 9 gas turbines.(Also Babbitted Bearings & Laby Seals)

Load couplings & accessory couplings GE Gas Turbines Frame 3, Frame 5, Frame 6, Frame 7, Frame 9: 158A7753P001, 235A8493P001, 311A5191P001, 158A7589P001, 158A7872P001, 185A1763P001, 185A1788P001, 225A9696P001, 226A1267P001, 235A5618P001, 334A7265P001, 302A7692P001, 158A7322P001, 185A1214P001, 199C4596, 226A1926P001, 235A9671P001, 248A4513P001, 262A4597P001, 334A7259P001, 279A1440P001, 302A7694P001, 307A9218G001, 151D8747P001, 151D8747P002, 315A9626P001, 315A9626P002, 315A9627G001, 315A9627G003, 315A9627G009, 151D8731P001, 151D8731P002, 315A2364P001, 315A2364P002, 334A7271G005, 334A7271G006, 334A7271G007, 334A7271G008, 334A7271G009, 149C5631G001, 149C5631G002, 149C5631G003, 149C5631G004, 149C5631G005, 149C5631G006, 149C5631G007, 149C5631G008, 149C5631G009, 149C5631G010, 149C5631G011, 149C5631G012, 255A4010P001, 262A3536P001, 302A7695P001, 307A9219G001, 344A5129G001, 344A5130P001, 344A5130P001, 347A5516P001, 347A5516P002, 302A7696P001, 307A9220G001, 295A9697G001, 295A9697G007.

We provide replacement parts and services for a variety of coupling types and s including: Kop-Flex, Bendix, Zurn, Waldron, Lucas, Koppers, Sierbath, Ameridrives, Flexibox, Eagle, Renk Tacke, Esco, Flex Element, Thomas-Rexnord, Falk, TB Woods, Shackelford-Wattner, Texas Custom Builders, Centritech, Amerigear, TurboFlex, Centriflex, Ameriflex, BHS, Deck, Dana, Dodge, Poole, Fast, TurboCare, and Metastream.

And we offer complete aftermarket replacement couplings for a variety of applications including these equipment manufacturers: A-C Compressor, Atlas Copco, Cooper, Demag Delaval, Dresser Rand, Ebara, Elliott, General Electric, GHH Borsig, Hitachi, Ingersoll, Man Turbo, Mannesmann Demag, Mitsubishi, Nuovo Pignone, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Solar, Sulzer, Voith, Westinghouse, and York.Strategically located in the Houston area, Turbo Power serves the turbomachinery market along the Gulf Coast and around the world as a leader in the inspection, refurbishment, and replacement of flexible couplings, fluid film bearings, and seals. Whatever your problem is, chances are we’ve seen it before. And already solved it.

With over 50 years of experience with rotating equipment, our dedicated staff can take your requirements and provide an engineered solution. We have drawn on experienced professionals from a variety of manufacturers like Koppers®, Waldron®, Kop-Flex®, Bendix®, Lucas®, Zurn®, Ameridrives®, Shackelford-Wattner, Bearings Plus, and Texas Custom Builders. Whether you need to refurbish your existing components, or you require a completely new design, Turbo Power will tailor the right solution for your application.Web Address: TurboPower.Info.