Flexible Coupling with double Rings Ductile Iron Grooved lamp fittings and joints for mine coal and oil feild or power plant

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Hangzhou, China
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XGQT123 excellent DN100/108MM 114MM
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50X40X35 cm
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25.0 kg
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Fumigation wooden box
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Quantity(Piece) 1 – 100 >100 Est. Time(days) 7 To be negotiated

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Product quality and after-sales service commitment

First, product quality commitment:1. The warranty period of the quick-connected joints of our company’s grooved coal mines is 5 years, and the warranty period of rubber seals is 10 years. The quality problems caused by non-human causes during the warranty period are the responsibility of our company.2. Our company’s products are implemented “once sold, lifetime maintenance”. For products that exceed the warranty period, the costs incurred are charged at the cost price and are never profitable.Second, after-sales service commitment:1. After receiving the customer’s complaint call, the company will reply to the customer within 10 minutes by telephone, and the phone can solve the problem immediately; if it is necessary to solve the problem on the spot, it will rush to the scene within 24 hours.2. The original connection method for coal mine underground is a new welding type customer. The company dispatches special technical instructors to provide various technical support and on-site training until the operator is proficient in the installation process of the press machine.Third, after-sales service guarantee:1. The company has set up an after-sales service department with a number of engineers with rich experience in technology and field and a dedicated spare parts library;2. In order to strengthen customer supervision, the company has a special complaint telephone number: +86 400-0536-296.

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China Coal Industry Association mining fixed-point product manufacturers; national-level type inspection, coal safety mark products; the only domestic mine high-pressure 4.0Mpa pressure level report manufacturers, ductile iron ore grooved pipe joint manufacturing experts. The products have been serialized and can meet the different working conditions of high, medium and low pressure. The products are distributed in various coal producing provinces such as Hangzhou, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Anhui, Henan, Yunnan and Guizhou. Good market feedback!

Hangzhou Axlinte Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd.Basic Information

Company Name: Hangzhou Axlint Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd.Business Type: Limited Liability CompanyBusiness model: manufacturerWhether to provide external processing / customization: YesMain products: pipe fittings, connectors, quick connectors, pipe fittings valves, etc.; import and export of goods, technology import and export.Main industries: coal mining, mining and mining; steel, metallurgy, foundry, electricity, real estate, etc.Business address: Xing’an Industrial Park, Xing’an Street, Anqiu City, Weifang City, Hangzhou Province.Zip code: 262100Company Tel: 0536-4290158 Legal person contact mobile phone: Zhou Guiyan +86 18678085517Customs business contact: Zhang Shiqiang +86 18605369517Processing technology: casting, welding, heat treatment, machining, surface treatment, mold making, etc.Main equipment: smelting furnace, spraying production line, welding equipment, grinding and blasting equipment, etc.Product brand: EXCELLENT

Product Description

As a new type of pipe joint technology, grooved pipe joints have obvious advantages of convenient construction and reliable quality. First, the connection of the pipe fittings 1. Clamp installation (1) Install the sealing ring: Put the sealing ring into one end of the pipe mouth, then align the other pipe mouth with the end pipe mouth, and move the sealing ring to the sealing surface of the two pipe ports. The sides of the seal should not protrude into the grooves of the two pipes. (2) Install the joint: first loosen the two screws of the joint, divide it into two pieces, put two pieces of shell on the sealing ring, insert the bolts, and tighten the nut in turn to ensure that the two ends of the shell enter the groove until it is tightened. 2, mechanical three-way, mechanical four-way installation First remove the bolt from the outer casing, loosen the other nut until the end of the bolt, the lower shell is rotated about 90 degrees from the upper shell, the upper shell outlet part is placed in the tube The mouth opening is centered and aligned with the hole, and then the lower shell is rotated along the tube end (for example, the mechanical cross, the lower shell method is the same as the upper shell) to close the upper and lower parts. 3. Flange plate installation Install the flange piece: first loosen the screws on both sides, separate the two flanges, insert the ring-shaped key parts of the two flange pieces into the groove of the grooved pipe end, and then put the two sides Screw the screws tightly and adjust the clearance on both sides to be close. Install the sealing ring: push the “C” shaped opening of the sealing ring away from the flange and push it into the inner diameter groove of the flange along the tube end. Second, the bracket setting 1, the fixed bracket and the guide bracket The hanger and bracket can control the degree of freedom of the pipeline, the spring hanger can make the pipeline fully free. Flexible joints allow for deflection in the pipe. This feature has great advantages in installation and engineering piping, but careful consideration should be given to the spacing of the brackets and hangers in the piping. The design and installation of the end supports must be carefully considered for the cumulative elongation of the pipe when the internal pressure increases or the temperature rises. Fixed fulcrums can be used to prevent pipe displacement caused by internal pressure and expansion. There are two types of fixed fulcrums: the main fixed fulcrum and the intermediate fixed fulcrum. 2. Influence of long pipelines For long-pipe systems, intermediate fixed points are used to disperse the forces generated by the thermal expansion of the pipeline and the internal pressure of the pipeline. The weight of the piping and equipment in the piping system needs to be supported by the brackets. In addition, some brackets should allow the ducts to expand and contract. 3. Influence of thermal expansion and contraction The displacement caused by thermal changes in the piping system can be partially compensated by the piping method. The flexible joint can effectively compensate the displacement of the pipeline caused by thermal expansion and contraction. If the predicted displacement exceeds the total joint compensation in the system, a metal expansion joint must be installed at the relevant location of the system. Third, the actual installation of the support and hanger in the Changli Road system Long riser system mainly has the following forms: (1) Flexible system riser generally installs fixed points at the bottom or top of each layer to prevent the pipe from bending. The riser connected to the branch pipe should have an intermediate fixing point; or increase the number of flexible joints to provide sufficient deflection angle to prevent damage to components or branches in the system. (2) The riser handling and welding system in the rigid system are very similar. When there is thermal expansion, the expansion joint and the soft joint are used to prevent the damage of the components in the system. When connecting with the pump, the rigid joint is designed. This system is the most have advantage of. (3) Combination system. When designing a combined riser system, rigid joints can be used to reduce the amount of guide brackets; flexible joints can partially compensate for displacement caused by thermal expansion and contraction. Fourth, the quality control points Grooved pipe fittings in addition to the bracket settings should be reasonable, the biggest quality common problem is leakage. The main reasons for the leakage are as follows: 1. Before the construction of the grooved pipe fittings, the operators should be trained to familiarize the operators with the construction points and avoid the leakage caused by the incorrect installation process. 2, the pipe cut is not flat, easy to cause leakage. In actual construction, the flatness error of the nozzle should be no more than 1.5 mm to ensure that the butt joint is straight when connecting. 3. In the operation of the rubber ring, the rubber ring should be cleaned with a brush before use. 4. When the clamp is installed, the bolt should be tightened symmetrically so that the rubber ring is evenly stressed to ensure the pipeline is sealed. In view of these main causes of leakage, proper and effective measures are taken to minimize the leakage of pipeline connections and ensure the excellent construction of the project.

China Coal Industry Association mining fixed-point product manufacturers; national-level type inspection, coal safety mark products; the only domestic mine high-pressure 4.0Mpa pressure level report manufacturers, ductile iron ore grooved pipe joint manufacturing experts. The products have been serialized and can meet the different working conditions of high, medium and low pressure. The products are distributed in various coal producing provinces such as Hangzhou, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Anhui, Henan, Yunnan and Guizhou. Good market feedback!


How does it work?

The groove is cold formed or machined into the pipe

end using a grooving tool. The coupling housings,

fully surrounding a gasket, are assembled around two

grooved pipe ends, and the key sections of the housingengage into the grooves. The bolts and nuts are

tightened with a socket wrench or impact wrench.

Types of grooved couplings

• Flexible coupling – allows for controlled linear

and angular movement, which accommodates

pipeline deflection as well as thermal

expansion and contraction.

• Rigid coupling – does not allow for movement,

similar to a flanged or welded joint.

Easy system maintenance Alignment ease– through a design Flexibility –with the inherent

and expansion– through that allows for full rotation of the axial movement and deflection

simple coupling disassembly pipe and system components properties of flexible couplings in

that allows for easy access. before tightening. a groove system. May be used to

accommodate pipeline thermal

expansion and contraction,

misalignment and settlement,

and seismic stresses.

The grooved piping system is the most versatile, consisted of disassembling the coupling by removing the

economical, and reliable piping system available. Up to bolts and nuts, removing the gasket, fitting the gasket over

three times faster to install than a welded system, and the gap between two grooved pipe ends, positioning the

more dependable than a threaded or flanged assembly, housings around the gasket, and tightening down the bolts

the approach reduces risk and total installed and nuts. Couplings featuring Installation-Ready technology

cost. The system is designed for roll grooved or cut come pre-assembled and are simply pushed onto a grooved

grooved standard pipe or roll grooved light wall pipe. pipe end, joined by a second grooved pipe end, and then

Also, pipe end preparation is fast and easy. It can be the bolts and nuts are tightened down. What previously

done on the job site or in the shop with a variety of required minutes, now takes only seconds.

grooving tools. Download publication 02.06 for ANSI/NSF

With the introduction of Installation-Ready™ Potable Water Approvals/Listings

technology, the original groove system has evolved to a

new level. Grooved couplings featuring this patented technology install ten times faster than other pipe joining methods. Why is it different? Prior to Installation-Ready technology, grooved coupling assembly

The grooved ductile iron piping system is the

fastest and easiest method for joining ductile iron pipe

with 75% fewer bolts than flanging.grooved

piping components are available for use on AWWA

C-606 class 53 pipe or heavier, and have a pressure

rating of up to 500 psi | 3447 kPa | 34 bar, with a

size range from 3 – 36" | DN80 –DN900. Flush-Seal™

gaskets are specifically designed to seal on ductile

iron pipe surfaces providing a triple seal to promote

leak-free service for the life of the system.

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