China high quality Ambient Temperature Less Than 40 Degree with High-Intensity Coupling Discs for Alternator

Product Description

Ambient temperature less than 40 degree with High-intensity coupling discs for alternator

Product Description


4 Pole alternators may operate either 50 or 60 Hz. The standard winding (B31,B32) is suitable both for 50 and 60Hz.
Forms 4 Pole alternator can be provided in single bearing or double bearing configurations according to customer
Power factor 4 Pole alternator are designed to operate between 0.8 and 1 power factor.
Overspeed The maximum overspeed is 2250rpm (1.25 times the 60Hz rated speed).
Enclosure Standard enclosure is IP23.
Insulation and protection 4 Pole alternator are class H insulated.
Mechanical structure Steel frame. Aluminium, cast iron or steel housings and flanges depending on models.


Our Advantages

Electromagnetic design
Air gap between the stator and rotor core is smaller, therefore, our SG series generators have higher efficiency, compared with the products from other factories.

Excitation system
Excitation stator lamination is made by cold-rolled silicon steel sheet,with 1 or 2 high performance magnets, so the temperature rising of exciter is low, it will not lose excitation. Excitation start faster, easy to build pressure.Normally , when speed reach 600-700 rpm/min ,it is able to built pressure.

Mechanical Design
The biggest improvement is that, between driven disk and shaft,we adopts interference fit ,instead of key connection. Our advantage is that the process is more simple, the size is more precise,connection is more reliable.

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Company Profile

ZheJiang Kwise Generator Co., Ltd. is wholly-owned by CASIC ADDSINO. It is a specialized generator manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The company began to produce professional generators in 1955. From HangZhou General Machinery Factory, HangZhou Power Generation Equipment Factory, ZheJiang Fufa Co.,Ltd., to ZheJiang Kwise Generator Co., Ltd., we have a history of more than 60 years of generator producing , which is 1 of the earliest generators manufacturer in China.
Since 1964, our products have been provided into a large number of power generating equipments such as diesel generator sets, mobile power station, and containerized power stations. Also has been selected as the main power supply of China’s 3 satellite launch bases, the Antarctic HangZhou Station and the HangZhou spacecraft series due to its superior performance. Kwise has more than 30,000 square CHINAMFG of factory buildings and advanced manufacturing equipment.


disc coupling

Industry Standards and Guidelines for Disc Couplings

Disc couplings, like other mechanical components, are subject to various industry standards and guidelines that ensure their safe and reliable operation. Some relevant standards include:

  • API Standard 671: This American Petroleum Institute (API) standard provides guidelines for special-purpose couplings for use in petroleum, chemical, and gas industry services. It covers the design, materials, testing, and inspection of couplings, including disc couplings.
  • AGMA Standard 9001: The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) standard 9001 addresses flexible couplings, including disc couplings, and provides recommendations for their design, installation, and maintenance.
  • ISO 14691: This International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard covers general-purpose industrial couplings, including disc couplings, and provides guidance on their selection, installation, and operation.

Manufacturers and engineers often refer to these standards and guidelines to ensure that disc couplings are designed, manufactured, and used according to recognized industry practices. Adhering to these standards helps enhance the reliability, safety, and performance of disc couplings in various industrial applications.

disc coupling

Recent Advancements in Disc Coupling Design

Disc coupling technology has seen continuous advancements to enhance performance, reliability, and adaptability to various applications. Some recent innovations in disc coupling design include:

  • Material Enhancements: The development of new materials, such as advanced alloys and composite materials, has improved coupling durability, corrosion resistance, and overall lifespan.
  • Flexible Disc Profiles: Innovative disc profiles are designed to optimize flexibility while maintaining torque transmission capabilities, allowing for better misalignment compensation and shock absorption.
  • Modular Designs: Modular disc coupling systems offer flexibility in adapting to different torque and misalignment requirements, making them versatile for a wide range of applications.
  • Enhanced Torsional Stiffness: Some designs focus on achieving higher torsional stiffness, ensuring accurate torque transmission and responsiveness even in demanding conditions.
  • Smart Couplings: Integration of sensor technology enables real-time monitoring of coupling performance, allowing for predictive maintenance and reducing downtime.

These advancements are driven by the increasing demands of modern machinery and the need for higher efficiency, reduced maintenance, and improved overall system performance. Engineers and manufacturers are continually exploring new ways to optimize disc coupling design for a variety of industries and applications.

disc coupling

Function of Disc Couplings in Torque Transmission and Misalignment Compensation

Disc couplings are designed to transmit torque between two shafts while accommodating various forms of misalignment. The primary components of a disc coupling include two hubs and a flexible disc element made of a resilient material such as stainless steel. Here’s how a disc coupling works to transmit torque and handle misalignment:

  • Torque Transmission: When torque is applied to one hub of the disc coupling, it induces angular displacement in the flexible disc. The flexible disc element bends slightly, allowing the torque to be transmitted from one hub to the other. This bending action of the disc results in an elastic deformation, which helps maintain the torque transfer.
  • Angular Misalignment Compensation: Disc couplings can accommodate angular misalignment between the two connected shafts. As the hubs are misaligned angularly, the flexible disc element compensates by bending at an angle. The disc’s flexibility and the elastic properties of the material allow it to absorb and accommodate the angular misalignment without transmitting excessive forces to the connected machinery.
  • Parallel Misalignment Compensation: In cases of parallel misalignment, where the axes of the two shafts are not perfectly aligned, the disc coupling can also absorb a certain degree of parallel offset. The flexibility of the disc allows for slight axial movement, ensuring that the hubs remain connected even when there’s a minor parallel misalignment.
  • Torsional Stiffness: While disc couplings are designed to accommodate misalignment, they also exhibit torsional stiffness. This means that under normal operating conditions, the disc coupling remains rigid enough to efficiently transmit torque between the shafts, minimizing torsional deflection and maintaining the integrity of torque transfer.

The design and material properties of the flexible disc element play a crucial role in determining the coupling’s ability to handle misalignment while transmitting torque effectively. Disc couplings are widely used in various industrial applications where torque transmission and misalignment compensation are critical requirements.

China high quality Ambient Temperature Less Than 40 Degree with High-Intensity Coupling Discs for Alternator  China high quality Ambient Temperature Less Than 40 Degree with High-Intensity Coupling Discs for Alternator
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